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Enzymatic Biodiesel

Enzymatic biodiesel is an attractive alternative to the traditional biodiesel process. The enzymatic process provides choice over a plant's largest operating cost: feedstock. It also helps reduce your methanol and energy cost, thus driving your plant's overall utility cost down.

Most biodiesel plants in the United States utilize higher-cost, low Free Fatty Acid (FFA) feedstocks, such as soy oil, in their production processes. By using the enzymatic biodiesel process, lower cost feedstocks can be used that have higher FFA concentrations such as corn oil and animal fats.

Saola Energy has extensive experience designing and building enzymatic biodiesel facilities. Plants can be co-located to existing facilities, like feedstock production sites, or stand-alone. Existing biodiesel plants can be modified or expanded to include enzymatic biodiesel production.

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