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Renewable Diesel

Renewable Diesel is a "drop-in" fuel derived from fats, oil, and greases. It has the same properties as petroleum diesel but is 100% sustainable. It can be used in the same infrastructure as petroleum diesel and does not require any modifications to be used in a normal diesel engine.

Hydrogen and fats, oils, or greases are the feed streams into the plant. Diesel, fuel gas, and naphtha are produced.


Several major cities in California are already using 100% Renewable Diesel in all their diesel vehicles and equipment. The use of Renewable Diesel is on the rise! Worldwide production has more than tripled in the last four years and Renewable Diesel imports were up 69% in 2015 (204 million gallons) from 2014 in the US.

The Renewable Diesel produced will be eligible to capture D4 RINs, biodiesel, and Renewable Diesel tax credits and California Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits.

our process

Saola Energy has a patented Renewable Diesel process that is ideal for smaller bolt-on facilities or larger standalone plants. We offer a complete technology package including engineering and licensing along with startup support and operator training. The process is robust and feedstock flexible. Bolt-on plants are ideal for feedstock production facilities, taking advantage of shared utilities and reducing or eliminating feedstock freight costs.

Saola Energy Renewable Diesel Technology is protected by U.S. Pat. No. 10,358,605

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