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Project Location: Garnett, Kansas

Project Overview:

Our proprietary Renewable Diesel technology is implemented in the bolt-on 3MMGY Renewable Diesel plant. Saola Energy provided engineering and project-management during its construction. The plant produces drop-in renewable diesel from corn oil provided by the client's adjacent ethanol plant and supplemental feedstock from other sources. Saola also provided start-up support and operator training to ensure the plant's successful operation. 

The Renewable Diesel plant takes advantage of the existing cooling water system at the ethanol plant. It produces excess steam which is returned to the ethanol plant. The excess steam is created by the Renewable Diesel process and reduces the load on the boilers in the ethanol plant - this allows for more flexibility in the ethanol plant operation and allows for a lower CI score.

In 2017, Saola provided engineering and start-up support for a 50% capacity expansion, including upgrades, to take advantage of a new Isomerization catalyst with increased performance. Saola continues to provide client-requested operations and engineering support at the Renewable Diesel plant.

Saola Energy Renewable Diesel Technology is protected by U.S. Pat. No. 10,358,605

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