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Turbine Model

Project Location: Malta Bend, Missouri

Technology Overview:

Steam letdown turbines in the ethanol industry are not a new development, as they have been used in the industry since the early 2000s. However, a number of plants have still not taken advantage of the cost savings and decreased carbon footprint that comes with installing a turbine.

A steam turbine takes advantage of the steam already generated in the plant, performing the function of a pressure reducing valve while generating 25-33% of the plant's electrical needs.

Project Background:

Saola Energy was engaged to help Mid-Missouri Energy (MME) self-perform a letdown turbine project that a previous General Contractor couldn't complete. With Saola Energy's knowledge and expertise with this type of project, we were able to provide MME all of the engineering deliverables to complete the project and avoid further delays.


Once the engineering was complete, we provided project management support to help the plant coordinate tasks for all of the different groups involved in the project. Saola Energy's project management team's familiarity with these sub-contractors and equipment suppliers allowed the project team to successfully complete the installation in record time. 

Project Highlights:

  • Due to the time constraints, Saola Energy completed process engineering and 3D modeling in
    record time

  • Over $150,000 in realized savings in the first week alone from subcontractor scope adjustments

  • Overall savings were more than 15% over alternative EPC General Contractor options

Saola Energy Services Provided:

  • Process Engineering

    • Aspen Process Simulation

    • Equipment Specifications

    • 3D Modeling for Piping and Equipment

    • Isometric Drawings

  • Project Management​

    • Project Schedule​

    • Analyze Subcontractor Scopes of Supply

    • Lead Weekly Meeting and Track Subcontractor Progress

  • Start-up and Commissioning Support​

    • Coordinate Personnel Training​

    • Provide Operational Support Post Commissioning

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