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What We Do

We help you overcome the challenges you face in your production facility. Whether you would like a de-bottlenecking study, have an expansion project in mind, or just need help troubleshooting an operational issue, Saola has the knowledge and resources to provide a solution. Our engineering and operations expertise will be at work to help your bottom line!


We can provide engineering for your process.Our engineering services include:

  • Process Simulations/Models

  • PFD Development

  • P&ID Development

  • De-bottlenecking


  • Custom Hydraulic Flow Analysis

  • PSV Relief Valve and Flare Studies

  • Develop Equipment Specifications

  • Instrumentation

  • Third Party Structural, Electrical and Civil Engineering

Our team can provide the design and engineering as well as the project management. Anything from planning and scheduling to cost estimation, we will take care of for YOU. We can also provide operations support, including but not limited to start-up, operator training and, on-site commissioning.


Our design experts are experienced in:

  • AutoCAD/CADworx 3D Modeling 

  • Piping Design 

  • Plant Layout/Piping Plan Drawings 

  • Isometric Generation 

  • Caesar II Pipe Stress Analysis 


the saola way

a different Project APPROACH


Self-performing projects puts complete control back in your hands, making the whole process completely TRANSPARENT. Partnering with the right team will ensure your success.

Project Management:

The Saola staff has a substantial amount of experience executing projects in the ethanol and biofuels industry.

Vendor Relations:

Our experience with vendors allows us to negotiate substantial savings that will be passed on to you. Vendors will be paid directly by you, eliminating the chance of delays or liens.

Process Design:

Our engineering staff will provide support throughout the project life cycle. In addition to process engineering, they will assist with schedules and budgets for your projects in order to set attainable expectations.

Meaningful Savings:

By self-performing your project you are avoiding the general contractor markups. On average, that could mean 10% to 30% savings on the overall project cost.

ethanol projects

ethanol projects

Regardless of the project you are considering, the Saola staff can help you achieve your desired goals or driving value for your plant! With our vast experience in plant de-bottlenecking and expansions, we can get to work for you.


The Saola staff has been involved in multiple steam turbine projects. A steam turbine will allow you to reduce your carbon intensity, while helping you qualify or maintain an EPA Efficient Producer Pathway.

Fermenter Addition:

More residence time and capacity will allow your fermentation to reach completion and increase yields. The Saola staff has extensive experience managing fermenter addition projects.

Sieve Bottle Addition:

  With more plants focusing on increasing capacity, Sieve Bottles may become your plant's bottleneck. The Saola staff has extensive experience with design, installation, and start-up of new sieve bottles.

additional solutions


Process Hazard Analysis Support

Saola engineers have gone through multiple Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) reviews and would become a valuable part of your PHA review team.

Turnaround/Shutdown Support

Our team can provide you with turnaround support, from managing subcontractors to providing process engineering support.

Debottlenecking and Operations Support

Our team has many years of experience working directly with plant operations to optimize plant performance. Our focus on eliminating bottlenecks will increase the efficiency of your plants.

Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel

The Saola staff has extensive experience in both renewable diesel and biodiesel, and can help you troubleshoot and optimize your process, or provide complete engineering package for a new plant design.  

why choose us


We have extensive experience in the biofuel and oil industries. Our combined experience in project management and process design will be an asset to your plant! Should you choose to self-perform a project, we will help you design and manage the projects from start to finish. In addition to our engineering services, our project management team can assist you with:

  • Contract Review and Negotiations

  • Project Document Review (Scope of Work)

  • Change Order Analysis

  • Construction Design Reviews

  • Bid Phase Management

  • Cost Estimating Evaluations

  • Construction CPM Scheduling

  • Productivity Analysis

  • Dispute Avoidance and Resolution

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